Delivery Information

We ship almost everywhere in the world!
FREE shipping via postal service to:

Hong Kong          Taiwan                  Macau                 Korea (R.O.)                       Japan
Singapore            Australia              New Zealand       United States

We can also arrange delivery for a very reasonable shipping charge to:

Ireland                  Austria                 Belgium              Denmark                            Mexico
France                  Finland                Canada              Luxemburg                         Malta
Norway                 Portugal               Sweden              Switzerland                         Spain
Greece                 Italy                      Turkey               Saudi Arabia                       United  Arab Emirates
Please note that while we are happy to arrange for delivery to any permanent address, including your home or office, or the home or office of a friend, family member or business associate, we are unable to ship to non-permanent addresses such as a hotel, hostel, conference location or other temporary accommodation.

Our default method of shipping is through the postal service. If you prefer to receive your items by courier, simply choose the DHL courier option on your order, and we will be pleased to make appropriate arrangements on your behalf. Extra shipping charges to cover courier service will be calculated at checkout. If you are choosing DHL delivery in order to receive your purchase more quickly, we ask you to keep in mind that while international transit times are much faster by courier service, before your items can leave China, they must pass through customs, which can take up to 3 days. Please note that DHL can't deliver to a P.O. Box. And due to Custom inspectation, we are able to email you the tracking number around 5 days upon the receipt of your order recently.


The average shipping time is 7-10 working days. Please don't place an urgent order here. Thanks for your cooperation!

We strive to make sure that your shopping experience at is a worry-free and enjoyable one from start to finish! For your peace of mind, your order will be fully tracked at every point throughout the transit process. At your parcel leaves our warehouse, it will be assigned a unique tracking number which will be sent to you by email. You will be able to access the tracking number online within 24-48 hours at for postal service, and at for DHL courier service.

In addition, your parcel will be monitored while in transit by our support staff on a daily basis. In the rare event that a problem does arise, you will be contacted immediately by email. For instance, in the event of delivery failure (no one is available at the specified address to receive and sign for the parcel) we will contact you to advise you on how to make arrangements to pick up your parcel. In addition, if your parcel is held up due to unforeseen factors such as inclement weather, natural disaster, political strife, or other reasons beyond our control, we will contact you with that information. In order to ensure that you receive your tracking number and any other order-related communications from us, please make sure that the email address you provide us with is one that you check frequently, and that the telephone number and delivery address are correct.

For international customers, please note that you may be charged an additional amount for import taxes, depending on the value of the item, as well as on your location and the particular trade arrangements your country holds with China. Also note that purchases intended as gifts may be subject to less tax, or in some cases, no tax surcharges at all. So please let us know if your purchase is a gift, regardless of whether it is being shipped to your address or that of the recipient, so that we may indicate “gift” status on the shipping label. In addition, if you instruct us to mark the parcel as having a low value, we will be happy to do so based on our experience in this matter, or you can elect the figure that you would like us to indicate as the value.
Unlike other online shops, you are fully covered in the event that your parcel is seized by customs. We will take whatever steps necessary to remedy the situation for you. In our experience, customs personnel often focus on various types of shipments on a rotation basis. For instance, they might examine only parcels containing tools one week, jewelry another week, and clothing on the third week. If your parcel is refused at customs, and you prefer that we hold the shipment and make a second customs attempt within 15 days, we will be happy to comply. If, on the other hand, you’d like us to replace the item with an identical one and reship immediately, we’ll gladly do so. And finally, you may always choose to have us issue you a refund.

Our goal is to get your new items to you as quickly as possible! And in perfect shape! To process your purchase, package your items, and arrange pickup by our shippers requires a window of time of approximately 12 hours. For that reason, we ask you to understand that we are unable to fulfill cancellation requests that occur outside of that window, since once your package has left our warehouse and entered the delivery queue, it cannot be recalled. However, if you’ve had second thoughts, you are always free to return or exchange your item once you’ve received it.
If any of the items you ordered are currently out of stock, we will contact you by email promptly for further instructions. If the item is on back-order and you prefer to wait for it to be restocked, we’ll advise you of the new estimated shipping date for your order. Alternately, you may wish to change some details of your order (style, size, color) and we’ll happily assist you to do so. Or if you simply cannot wait for the item to be restocked, and can find no other product you’d like to substitute, we’ll cheerfully cancel your order.  

We guarantee that your new items will arrive in perfect condition! Each item is carefully packaged in a damage-resistant box with extra cushioning materials, not only to prevent in-transit harm, but also to ensure that your new bag retains its beautiful shape and look. If by some chance any of your items suffers damage during transit, you are entitled to a full refund or a replacement. Simply return the damaged product, and we’ll make it right!

At we are constantly trying to improve! Your feedback is invaluable to us, because whether you’re totally happy with us, or think we could be doing something better, the only way we’ll know that is if you tell us! That’s why we’d like to offer you a little reward for taking the time to get in touch, and tell us what you think. Drop us an email, or write a quick product review based on your experience, and you’ll automatically become a member of our Repeat Customer group – and you’ll save a huge 10% on all your future orders! And when you recommend us to your friends, let us know and we’ll generate an affiliate link for you, so that you’ll receive a shop voucher for 5% of the value of your friends’ orders every time they visit us from your referral link. That way, everyone wins!

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