Perfect Replica Guarantee

We know that discerning shoppers expect only the best! And when you shop at, that’s exactly what you’ll find. Because for us, the creation of replica bags is not simply a job, it’s a vocation!

Our firm commitment to quality means that we’ve adopted the most stringent quality control standards in the industry. Every bag must meet or exceed those standards, or we won’t sell it. It’s as simple as that. And that’s a promise you can depend on!

The process we go through to create superior products is a rigorous one. It all starts with our models. While most other replica manufacturers rely solely on photographs of original products to make their patterns, we don’t believe that is the best way, because it’s almost impossible to reproduce the finer details that give designer bags their unique character. So, our pattern-makers work exclusively from actual Chanel bags, so that they can take note of details that a photograph can’t capture, like hand-stitched seams, heavy-weight hardware, overall balance, and correctly-placed handles.

Then our material buyers get to work, searching out the highest grades of materials available anywhere. Because they refuse to compromise on quality, you’ll never find sub-standard materials, cheap metals, or improperly finished leathers in our bags. For our Standard line of bags, our experts won’t settle for materials rated less than AAA and A+++, grades which indicate excellent quality leather well-known for durability and beauty, and heavy, plated metals that – unlike cheaper metals – resist oxidation to keep your bag looking its best for years to come.

And when it comes to our Premium line of bags, our buyers are even more demanding! They simply refuse to consider anything but the absolutely top rated 1:1 materials! Every bag in our Premium line features 1:1 grade imported Italian leather from one of the best suppliers in the world, hand-finished and hand-stitched by our expert craftspeople. And all hardware on our Premium bags is double-plated, solid-core metal, buffed to a perfect shine.

Every bag comes with a special dust-proof bag for storing your new purchase, as well as a care booklet and an authenticity card: holograms for Premium bags start with 14xxxx; holograms for Standard line bags start with 10xxxx). In addition, all Premium bags and wallets, as well as wallets from the Standard line, are accompanied by a lovely Chanel gift box.

Our attention to detail when it comes to construction methods, materials and finishes explains why, when it comes to sophistication, personality, and perfection, no other company can match our bags!

Of course, in spite of our best efforts, there may occasionally be circumstances beyond our control that interfere with our quality control processes. Although it rarely happens, if one of our bags fails to live up to your expectations, please get in touch with us immediately, so that we can make it right!


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