Reputable Seller Guarantee

Recently, there has been a lot of media attention paid to the potential risks of shopping online. In particular, shoppers have been warned of any number of disreputable websites that promise the world, take your money, and then simply disappear. Of course, you can always appeal to your credit card processing company for a charge back, but that’s both annoying and time-consuming.

We could simply tell you that we aren’t one of those fraudulent sites. But it is the internet, after all, so why should you believe us? We’d actually much rather show you, by explaining the steps we’ve taken to establish and protect our reputation for trustworthy, reliable and honest shopping transactions.

First of all, we’ve gone to extreme lengths to ensure that every product we sell meets the most exacting quality standards in the industry. You can read about our guarantee of quality here: quality guarantee. In fact, we’re so certain that our quality exceeds that of any other replica manufacturer in business today that if you have purchased a similarly-priced Chanel replica bag elsewhere that is of a higher quality than ours, let us know! We’ll accept your item back with no fuss, no hassles! Check out our comprehensive 60 days return policy

Secondly, we deliver on our promises about product quality! Always! We know that when you’re shopping online, you need the most complete and straightforward descriptions and specifications, in order to compare and choose the best product for you. And from our perspective, it would actually be rather silly for us to give misleading or incorrect information. Why? Because once our customers receive their items and find them not as described, they’re likely to return them – and then go elsewhere for their next purchase. Of course, we’d really like to avoid that! That’s why we believe in being 100% upfront and transparent about our products. If the product description says that a bag features python skin, genuine Italian leather, or deer hide – it does! We won’t try to pass off embossed calfskin as python, poorer-grade leather as top-rated Italian, or imitation deer skin as the real thing. It’s just part of our commitment to making sure that every shopping experience at is a positive one. No unexpected disappointments! No products that don’t live up to their claims! And no descriptions that lead you to believe something that isn’t true!

In the same light, the images you see on our site are of the exact products. Our photographer is a specialist in product image capture, and we firmly guarantee that no images are ever enhanced, edited or altered by image optimization software. What you see is, quite simply, what you’ll get!

Thirdly, we offer an iron-clad shipping and tracking guarantee. Regardless of what payment method you choose, within 48 hours you will receive a unique tracking number for your parcel. This tracking ID number will allow you to see exactly where your items are at every stage in the transit process, until you take receipt of your parcel. In addition, our staff members take the further step of monitoring the progress of your parcel on a daily basis, so that in the rare case that an unforeseen delay arises, such as extreme weather or a natural disaster, we can advise you immediately.  We do all of this because we know how important it is to you to have peace of mind when you’re ordering products online.

And finally, we offer the most generous return policy you’ll find anywhere!  Examine your item, live with it for a while, see how well it performs! And if you decide that it’s simply not suitable in any way whatsoever, you have 60 days in which to return it! 60 DAYS – a virtually unheard of return time frame! To our knowledge, no other online seller is willing to offer you anything more than 30 days. If you do find one that will, please let us know, as we’re always trying to improve our service standards in order to remain one step ahead of our competitors!

Ultimately, we’re in business to serve you! And we believe that the best way to do that is to adhere to the highest standards of integrity, reliability and genuine excellence! After all, it’s the right thing to do. And that’s why every policy we’ve described here is another good reason why you can ship in complete confidence at

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