Terms & Conditions

We endeavour to provide every customer who shops at Chanel Replica Store with a wonderful, stress-free shopping experience! And for the most part, our customers tell us we succeed beautifully! On the rare occasions when problems do arise, however, we’ve found that they are most often the result of misunderstandings. To ensure that your shopping experience is problem-free from start to finish, please take a minute to read through our Terms & Conditions, which spell out exactly what you can expect from us.

Delivery Times

We understand that when you purchase a beautiful new product, you’d like to have it delivered promptly. Our promise to you is that we will make every effort to process your order and get your items on their way to you as quickly as is humanly possible. But we ask you to understand that because we ship our products from China, we are unable to offer next-day or 2-3 day delivery, simply because of the physical distance your parcel must travel, and because of the fact that for international deliveries, parcels will pass through customs both as they leave China and as they arrive in the destination country. In order to help you estimate when you can realistically expect your purchase to arrive, we provide you with the average timeframe required for delivery to your specific area (please see our shipping policy for details), as indicated to us by our shipping partners (post office and courier services).

Delivery Addresses

You are free to designate any permanent address (home, office, friend’s home) as the delivery destination for your package. We cannot, however, ship to an address that is temporary in nature, such as a hotel, motel, conference center, or other location offering transitory accommodation. 

Delivery Failure

In general, our shipping partners will make three attempts to deliver your parcel. Please ensure that someone is available at the address you specify to accept delivery and sign the weigh bill receipt. If after three attempts your parcel still cannot be delivered, your order will be returned to our warehouse.  In that case, should you wish to reorder the item or request that we re-ship the parcel, we regret that we cannot offer free shipping for the second shipment. If you choose not to have the item re-shipped, and would prefer a refund, our free shipping policy will become void: we will issue a refund for the full purchase price of your items, minus the shipping fees we incurred in sending you the item initially.

Credit Card Statements

Please note that when you pay for your purchases with a credit card, the name Chanel Replica Sales will not appear on your credit card statement. Chanel Replica Sales is our web site name, which is owned and operated under the umbrella of our corporate business holdings. Your credit card charge will list one of our affiliate merchants as the seller of record. For that reason, we request that you save a record of your transaction details (date, order value) so that you are able to compare this information with charges that appear on your credit card statement.

 Unauthorized Credit Card Use

At Chanel Replica Store, we take attempted fraud very seriously. Fraudulent use of credit cards not only hurts us, but it is illegal! Very rarely, we encounter a customer who attempts to complete a purchase with an unauthorized credit card. In instances like this, we will take every measure available to us under the law to recoup any losses we might incur, including revealing information of a personal nature to the bank or credit card issuing company in order to aid them in pursuing the issue.

Likewise, if we encounter a situation in which a customer has ordered and received goods from us, and then attempts to commit what essentially amounts to theft by requesting a chargeback from their credit card provider, we will initially attempt to open a discussion through email and/or phone with the customer to resolve any issues. However, in the event that the customer fails to respond to our attempts at contact, we will have no recourse but to make a report to the credit card company alerting them to suspected illegal activity. In addition, the customer’s name, address, and other identifying details will be submitted to an “undesirable customer” blacklist, which will block any future transactions the customer attempts with online businesses operating within China

Communication Policy

Chanel Replica Store guarantees that we will never send spam emails to the address you provide. Occasionally, however, we may find it necessary to send unsolicited email to you for the purposes of communicating with you about issues related to your order status. Issues that may require us to contact you include:


·         Delivery failure and your instructions regarding what action you would like us to take.

·         Customs issues: if you item is held up or refused at customs, we will let you know.

·         Information related to tracking your parcel

·         Advising that your parcel could not be delivered but is being held for a specific period of time at your local post office.

·         Unforeseen delays in filling your order, or any part of your order: if an item is out of stock, we will advise you of the estimated date on which we expect to fulfill and ship your order.

·         Unforeseen delivery delays beyond our control (mail strike, inclement weather, natural disaster)


In order to ensure that we are able to contact you for reasons of this sort, once you have placed your order, we request that you check your email regularly for any correspondence from us.

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