Trend Alert: The Chanel Pondichery Handbag

While the Classic Flap Bag continues to dominate as the most popular style in the Chanel collection, it's impossible to ignore the appeal of the Chanel Pondichery Handbag. Since this new style debuted in the Paris-Bombay 2012 line, women all over the world have been clamoring for the unique design. Even though the bag was only released as a seasonal style, its popularity has many boutiques continuing to stock it.

Could it be that this handbag will be a new staple of the Chanel collection?

Once you see all the features of this stunning couture bag, you're likely to hope it will. Here's a rundown of some of the selling points and basic features of the bag.

- The Chanel Pondichery Handbag is inspired by Indian fashions and is seen as a mix of traditional western and exotic eastern elements.

- The bag is available in two types: a smooth patent leather with a sleek texture and a soft distressed leather with a vintage feel. Both leather finishes are imported Italian calfskin leather.

- The Pondichery style features a fold-over flap but has a different turnlock than the Classic Flap bag. It fastens with a swivel CC lock that is very stylish.

- For carrying the bag, there is a traditional adjustable leather and chain shoulder strap. In addition, Chanel has included a heavier, shorter chain in the design of the Pondichery. This chain can be held in your hand if you wish, but it's more of a decorative feature.

- The interior of the Chanel Pondichery Handbag features an open pouch pocket for cell phones and a zippered pocket.

- The Pondichery comes in a variety of sizes, the most popular of which are the Medium and the Large. The Medium measures 11.02 inches in width by 5.51 inches in height by 3.15 inches in depth and retails for $3,400. The Large is 13 inches wide by 8.66 inches high by 3.94 inches deep and sells for $4,400.

So why consider the Chanel Pondichery Handbag? If all of its stylish features aren’t reason enough, the handbag is very hot right now. Carrying a Pondichery says that you're on the pulse of fashion and that you're up on the latest trends. The bag also has a unique design that no other Chanel bag has, so it's perfect for women who want a luxury bag but prefer something more exotic than the traditional looks. Also, the bag is ideally sized for carrying everyday in both the Medium and the Large, meaning you can get a lot of wear out of an investment in it.

If you love the Chanel Pondichery Handbag, be sure to check out our luxury replicas of this up-and-coming bag. You can buy both sizes or more than one color of the Pondichery for less than the cost of just one of the genuine couture designs, and saving money is always trendy.

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